National Hardware Show

     Retailers Choice Award

     Patent US7,774,893 B2


‚Äč     D603,1178


PaintSmart-Trayz is an award winning product.  For anyone who has ever painted from a ladder, you know that feeling - you have a roller in one hand and a brush in the other and your cell phone rings.  Where do you put the roller or brush so you can answer? 

The PaintSmart-Trayz solves that problem. There is a space to hang your roller and 2 brushes.  It holds approximately 2 quarts of paint so you spend more time painting and less time going up and down the ladder.  The easy carry handle keeps you safe as you climb up and down ladders.  It hangs vertically or horizontally on most ladders.  It also has a drain spout on the side for fast and easy cleanup. When you are done, hang your wet tools to drip dry.

The PaintSmart-Trayz is proudly made in the USA out of HDPCopolymer.  It is extremely durable. When you buy one of these, you are helping an inventor get closer to selling it to the big guys. After years of working on this, with NEVER a return, it needs to be in stores. With your help, it can happen.  I appreciate your support.