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                    The last paint tray you will ever need. Saves Time, Money & Energy

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clean up. This invention holds 2 quarts of paint so it will cut painting time in half with less time spent going up and down the ladder. Cleanup is a breeze, just rinse and go. Hang your wet tools to drip dry in the tray. The PaintSmart-Trayz is made of durable plastic that is light enough for a woman but strong enough for a man. It comes with a 9" roller, roller cover and a brush. Our product is proudly made in the USA.

Warning, you may have to buy more than one. When people see how fast you get the job done, they will want one too!  For larger quantities, email & Save $$$ on shipping.

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Innovative new paint tray for extension or step ladders that hangs vertically or horizontally. It holds 2 brushes and a 9" roller. The special drain spout allows for pouring back excess paint as well as fast 

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